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Julia Marshall and Ann Ledo Lane.  (photo by Andrea Hassiba)

Julia Marshall (December 9, 1947 - February 15, 2022) was Professor Emeritus of Art Education at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California. Before she worked at SF State, she was a teaching artist in Bay Area schools k-12, where she specialized in arts integration. That early work led to Julia’s exploration of artmaking as a way of learning that engages the mind and the heart. The notion that art is a form of inquiry like other forms of inquiry (other disciplines or domains) underlies Julia’s approach to art education and art integration. It also bridges the gap between art in the schools and contemporary art. That is, art-based inquiry picks up on ideas and thinking in current art and situates contemporary art in the context of learning (schools). With that core idea, Julia has worked with teachers and students to develop the art-based research/inquiry approach presented here. Many thanks to all the delightful, creative and thoughtful people whose ideas and work inspired and contributed to the framework you find on this site. 


Liz McAvoy is an elementary school art teacher in San Francisco, CA. A longtime educator, Liz has an MA in education with an emphasis in special education, and she is published in art as inquiry and mindfulness for teachers and students. Liz enjoys learning about, teaching about, and making art; going on walks and bike rides throughout the Bay Area; camping; and helping other educators bring art as inquiry into their classrooms. 

Liz McAvoy.  (photo by Alan Harvey)

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