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Liz McAvoy, Art Teacher in San Francisco, CA

A 7th-grade student began his inquiry process by writing a list of concrete objects and ideas/concepts that he was interested in. Next, he wrote down questions about his top interests. After this process, he narrowed down his interests to a line of inquiry that took him down a path wherein he learned about and created art about many of the world's religions. 

Big Idea
The world's religions have many similarities and differences. 

Understanding Goals
How are world religions different?
How are the similar?
How can an understanding of religion lead to a better understanding of people and their cultures?



Reuben's Inquiry Trail. Play slideshow above or see PDF here. 

Generative Questions
What are some facts about each religion?
Where and when did each originate?
What were/are some of its tenants?

Guiding Questions
How can you go deeper into what this religion means for the people who practice it?
What does Judaism mean to you?
What would you like others to know about Judaism? 

Reflection Questions
What did you learn about the world religions during your investigation?
What did you learn about yourself and the religion you practice? What more would you like to know?


World Religions
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