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Creative Strategies from Contemporary Art


  • Hybridize: Join parts of different things 

  • Reformat: Use a format from outside art

  • Project: Imagine or envision what is not there or speculate on what could happen next. 

  • Juxtapose: Place contrasting images or objects in proximity to each other

  • Transform: Morph or change something into something else

  • Personify: Cast animals or inanimate objects as human 

  • Elaborate: Go into more detail; add details 

  • Change Scale: Make an object larger or smaller relative to other things

  • Extend: Take ideas to logical or absurd conclusions. 

  • Employ Metaphor: Cast one thing as another 

  • Use Unusual or Metaphorical Materials: Construct an object out of surprising materials and/or components

  • Translate: Create a form in a different material (often an art material)

  • Map: Arrange and present ideas and concepts in graphic configurations

  • Categorize or Re-categorize: Place something in its common category, a new category, or multiple categories.

  • Layer: Superimpose an image onto another image.

  • Intervene: Insert an object or image into an environment; take action

  • Distill: Simplify down to the basic form or idea

  • Mimic: Use the methods of a non-art discipline

  • Re-contextualize: Place an object or image in another context

  • Embody: Take on the persona of someone else; act

  • Appropriate: Use an existing image to draw on its meaning

  • Distort: Exaggerate a trait or feature

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