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Learning From Home

Many art teachers are grappling with how to teach their classes online. Studio classes are particularly challenging because they often entail materials and tools specific to techniques and genres of art that are not readily available at home. This is particularly true with the crafts, which are materials-based. Structure and accountability are another challenge. How do we bring structure and cohesion to an online class? How do keep track of student work and assess it in an ongoing manner? 

Art-based inquiry might be just the solution. Why?


  • With its stress on concepts and ideas, art-based inquiry can happen without conventional complex materials. The research workbook/journal can be the primary work of art. 

  • Art-based inquiry provides a curriculum structure that supports, guides and sets parameters for individual work.

  • The research workbooks/journals provide cohesion to the course. 

  • The workbook/journals also provide a means of tracking, documenting and assessing student progress. 

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